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Protecting your principal and working with a long-term financial vision will provide peace of mind for you and your family. 
Family is what is important.  When you put your family first, everything else will fall into place. 

That has been my motto for the last two decades as I have helped people protect their physical and financial health not just for themselves but for those they love. 

I have also spent my career working with the self-employed—owners of automotive repair shops, pool builders, flooring contractors, general contractors, attorneys, truck drivers, plumbers, teachers, and even a magician who came to me to work my magic to reduce his health-care premiums.

Being self-employed, I understand the difficulties of running a business. This is why I know it’s important to have a long-term financial plan. If something happens to you, who is going to run the business and make sure your family is taken care of?

When you are self-employed, you call the shots. You want to be there for your family when they need you.  They depend upon you for their financial health, and my job is to ensure that your finances are in good order so that when retirement arrives, or should an unexpected tragedy occur, you family’s lifestyle will not be adversely affected. 
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"I have found financial solutions that work well for my family, and I want to introduce them to your family." 
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"“If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.” 
~ Mickey Mantle
"This can also be said for Retirement Planning!"
~ Walt Statkus
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The stock market is risky, and I’ve been in the business long enough to see clients lose money in their investments. That causes them to lose sleep.

Why worry? Index Universal Life Permanent Life Insurance Can Help You Create Long-Term Financial Security.

Today’s permanent Life Insurance is not your grandfather’s life insurance, which was all about the death benefit.  Being in the business as long as I have, I have seen what a life insurance policy can mean for a family when those who provide meet an untimely death.  I like to see my clients sheltered from unseen and often devastating storms.

But Index Universal Life permanent life insurance (or IUL for short) is also a powerful financial accumulator that is dependable and safe. I only work with strong, A+ rated companies that have been protecting families and businesses for hundreds of years. 
An IUL offers you very important benefits:
  •  First and most important, you earn competitive returns.  It has a proven track record.  Why put your money in the stock market when it can be in a vehicle that gives you market-like returns but your money isn’t actually in the market?  It is always in a safe place, earning uninterrupted compounding interest, which adds up quick.  (Check out any compounding interest calculator available on the internet to see what I mean.) 
  •  Tax Efficient: In an IUL, you can take advantage of IRS tax codes that allow you to grow your money in a tax-advantaged environment and then access your money income-tax free. This is the number one advantage, because you never have to worry about how much TAX the government is going to take at retirement.   
  •  Efficient use of your money: with IUL, there’s also a way you can earn money while you’re using it. This is the “living benefits” of life insurance that most people don’t know about—but once they find out, they love it!  
  •  Liquidity, Use, and Control: in the free chapter I’m offering from the book written by my good friend and colleague, Merle Gilley, you’re going to find out what liquidity, use, and control means, and why that is so important for your money. You don’t want the government telling you that you have to wait until age 59 ½ to access your money without penalty.  
The IUL allows you to save for your children’s education, your retirement, and it also meets your family’s survivorship needs. It can even cover long-term care costs.  

The IUL is a financial machine. Why not take advantage? 
Why Annuities are Important to Your Long-Term Financial Health
Annuities have become more popular in recent years as an alternative retirement savings vehicle. But there’s also another benefit.

Ask any older person. Would they rather have a million dollars in the bank or guaranteed income for life? They’ll take the income every time.  

Annuities, when planned correctly, can provide that benefit.  

My money philosophy is simple: Earn, save, develop growth with compounding interest, and always protect your principal.  It’s my job to direct you as to how you can accomplish that philosophy.  

My clients have become my friends, much like family. I would like to invite you to be part of that family. 
P.S.—A Note on Health Insurance 

I have helped numerous clients rework their health insurance plans and premiums, and with the money they save they are able to fund that retirement savings plan.  

I invite you to call me at 904-759-1440 and we’ll find a time to sit down and get to know each other—without obligation. I look forward to meeting you! 
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